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- Diagnosis and treatment of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) and related esophageal strictures.

- Chromoendoscopy, OBI with magnification for the diagnosis of dysplasia and early cancer in Barret’s esophagus, mucosectomy and radiofrequency ablation (BARRX) for the treattment of these conditions.

- Diagnosis and endoscopic treatment of Achalazia

- Esophageal cancer diagnosis, EUS staging, endoscopic treatment and palliation with stents,

- Treatment of benign esophageal strictures with dilatation and retrievable stents



- Diagnosis and treatment of gastritis and Peptic Ulcer Disease and its complications

- Diagnosis of gastic cancer with kromoendoskopi, OBI with magnification, staging with EUS and mucosectomy for early cancers.

- Treatment of gastric outlet obstruction with balloon dilation and stents

- Diagnosis of gastric lenfomas, EUS staging and treatment planning

- Endoscopic treatment of upper gastrointestinal bleeding

- Differential diagnosis of gastric submucosal lesions with EUS and FNA



- Diagnosis and treatment of Celiac Diseae

- Diagnosis of small bowel bleeding with capsule endoscopy and treatment with double balloon endoscopy

- Diagnosis of small bowel polyps and removal with double balloon endoscopy

- Diagnosis of small bowel cancer and lymphoma

- Diagnosis and treatment of Crohn’s Disease of the small bowel

- Balloon dilation and stents for small bowel strictures



- Diagnosis and treatment of colon polyps and cancer; mucosectomy for flat adenomas, removal of large polyps, stents for colonic obstruction

- EUS staging of rectum cancer

- Endoscopic treatment of diverticular and other colonic bleeding

- Diagnosis and treatment of diverticulitis and its complications

- Diagnosis and treatment of inflammatory bowel disease (Ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, Microscopic colitis. Dysplasia surveilance with OBI and magnification endoscopy. Remicade infusions)

- Treatment of hemoroids with band ligation and infrared coagulation

- Diagnosis and treatment of anal fissure

- Treatment of radiation proctitis with Argon Plasma Coagulation



- Pancreatic cancer; EUS diagnosis and FNA of pancreatic masses, stents for biliary and duodenal obstruction, EUS guided celiac neurolysis for cancer pain, fiducial implantation with EUS for stereotactic radiotherapy.

- Chronic Pancreatitis; EUS diagnosis, pancretic stone removal and stricture stenting with ERCP. Pseudocystgastrostomy, Pseudocystduodenostomy, EUS guided celiac block for refractory chronic pancreatitis pain.

- Idiopathic recurrent pancreatitis; Minor papillotomy for Pancreas Divisum, biliary and/or pancreatic papillotomy for sphincter oddi dysfunction

- Otoimmune pancreatitis; diagnosis and treatment

- Pancreatic cysts, EUS diagnosis and aspiration

- Pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors EUS diagnosis and FNA



- Diagnosis and treatment of chronic viral hepatitis B,C and D

- Diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune hepatitis

- Diagnosis and treatment of Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

- Diagnosis and treatent of Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis, endoscopic treatment of dominant strictures, cholangioscopy and biopsy of strictures.

- Differential diagnosis and staging of benign and malignant liver tumors

- Treatment of biliary stone disease and biliary strictures

- Management of end stage liver disease patients; pre liver transplant evaluation and treatment, post liver transplant follow- up of immunesuppression, diagnosis and treatment of complications