What Is Capsule Endoscopy



Small bowel is a long organ which measures 4 – 6 meters, this makes it very difficult to examine the mucosa of this organ with standard endoscopic procedures, to overcome this a brilliant new technology was developed. A capsule camera which has a light source and battery in it about the size of a vitamin pill is swalloved and it transmits images of the lumen as it passes through the gut, these images are received through small antennas which are stuck on to the patients' abdominal skin and recorded to a portable recorder. These images are then reviewed by the physician and many disease states can be diagnosed which would have been very difficult to diagnose before this technology became available. Capsule is especally used for evaluating obscure gastrointestinal bleeding and diagnosis of Crohn’s disease of the small bowel, as well as for diagnosing polyps, cancers, lympomas of the small bowel.


capsule endoscopy.250px capsule endoscopy ii